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cabal  of six employment agencies

Mad Swordsman
Superior swordsmanship, and close combat in the dominator
Discard the magnificent skill and agility speed, while advocating the power of the swordsman who can lead people to feel they are fighting the battle of the carefree feeling. Said skilled swordsman who can be more flexible use of magic, short wake-up potential, in order to launch a strong attack cabal alz.
The most domineering of the warriors - mad swordsman (the surging momentum is inborn):
"King of the Qi" Wei Ren Lock Road. What is the King of the gas?
Like nothing more than the world of the mad scramble gas,
To save the world in righteousness,
Dominate the world of domineering
Inspired by the world's elegant gas,
As well as the loss of world grievances.
The sun Heroes, who but myself!
Dual Swordsman cabal gold
Gorgeous and speed combination of broadsword
Although there is no strong destructive power, but proficient pole, they will all look down upon those who destroyed. And the Swordsman, like, they also have the ability to use magic, but they are more often to strengthen their own pace.
Cold-blooded killing machine - dual-swordsman (I have no compassion blade):
Who betrayed whom?
This is the chaos of the world,
I follow the fight from the heart,
Is not the bloodthirsty,
Nor is relentless,
This is just my means to survival,
Show that I am still alive ... ...cabal alz
Mo Daoshi
The absolute destructive power, magic dominator
Discard the sustenance of the sword, so they can better grasp of the use of anger. Skilled Mo Daoshi can simultaneously use several magic, even if the same magician, but also because of proficiency mastery of different destructive vary.
Heaven and earth elements in the most sensitive people - Mo Daoshi (Do not delusion can resist my magic):cabal alz
Evil in the justice,
As I held the stick.
In the day of silence,
In the night shine.
Stick to my beliefs,

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