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PVP Equipment for Wizard in Cabal

This is a guide on the equipment for wizard in pvp,I took it from the other Cabal website and post it here.Hope it will be help some guys.

There are a few differences between all around equips and PvP gear. If you notice, cabal alz Defense and Defense rate DON'T Matter so much when in a Pvp Situation, when in juxtaposition with PvE. When in War Zones, you will want to wear a mix of Pvp and PvE Gear, since some people don't combo in War Zones. However, Straight PvP, Meaning Duels, cabal alz You'll want to wear your Double Slotted Osmium, for sure. This is because, if you wear this, your stats from the slots will benefit you moreso than Mystic or Forcium.

For Instance, my Martialsuits. One gives me +100HP and is +7, and another is +7 With +50 Hp and 7% Amp. For duels, I would wear the 7% Amp, because the Damage difference would mean that I would be able to do more damage without them being able to heal it away, like in a War Situation. cabal alz I COULD wear the +100 HP for Wars, but I don't have to. It would be very handy if for some reason I had to tank a few hits. However, I say, if you're going to do ANY Sort of Pvp, Amp Gear is the way to go. Any kind. If it's Magic Amp or Crit Damage, both are VERY important. This is why I say to wear those +1 Rings of Luck. These give you 10% critical rate EACH.

With us wizards, we don't have ANY Crit percent buffs or skills. This being said, Rings of Luck are a MUST for critical hits. However, cabal gold your weapons or equips might get crit rate as well. Don't only use this! Make SURE you wear those Rings of Luck. For Amulets, though, there aren't many useful ones for Pvp. I would suggest an Ammy of Guard or something to that effect, or possibly an HP Regen Ammy. Other than that, none are really that useful.

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