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City of Villains Game Features

Game features:

And in the "City of Hero" in the "City of Villains" and the role can also customize to create nests and bases. Players can step by step to build up their base, they can build walls, raise or lower the ceilings and floors, the establishment of the infirmary, transportation systems and so on. Lighting, texture and color can all be adjusted. City of Villains Infamy Players can enjoy decorating their own base. At the same time can also be through the establishment of traps, towers and other defensive fortifications to protect their own base.

City of Heroes and City of Villains will share a universe in the villain in the new characteristics of cities and regions would appear in the City of Heroes, in the City of Heroes and City of Villains will be overlap zone, where heroes and villains will clash CoV Infamy.
Allowing the player in a game full of heroic play a villain is not an easy task, designers run into the first question is what they call a "moral standards." As a villain, you are in the game are decent people who do not need to comply with their rules, City of Villains Infamy and the upper is necessary in order to use a variety of non-legitimate means. You can contribute to the bandit chieftain that the black money, or curry favor with those who steal paintings collectors. Of course, bank robbery, and so in criminal activities. Although it is the upper is not difficult City of Villains Infamy, but in order Hunde not so easy to open. As the game progresses, the task difficulty will gradually increase. As you commit crimes increases,
Those around in the cities of super heroes will set its sight on you, so when you are walking on the street is best to be careful, maybe fly over from where you put a hero caught red-handed. Obviously, in the game, this is the classic PVP combat. In addition to between the heroes and criminals PVP, between the bandits and criminals, and even between the heroes and heroes can be PVP.

To become a notorious villain: Players can be low-level small-bully into the legendary villain CoV Infamy.

Designed and built their own fortress of evil: Players use powerful weapons and fortifications to resist the invasion.

Heroes and villains of the crash: Now players can choose to become a hero or a villain, CoV Infamy ready to face the most challenging confrontation.
A lot of evil tasks: including robbery, kidnapping, infiltration, etc.

Villain of the diversity: there are different prototypes,CoV Infamy powers, villain of the clothing, as well as a new villain group leaders.

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