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Jack Emmert Interview

Jack Emmert, the head of Cryptic Studios, returns today for another Community Q&A where it's our MMORPG.com members who ask the questions. > >MMORPG.com (Techleo): What are your impressions of Issue 8? Would you like to see more variety in Mission goal-types than saving hostages, blasting a baddy, or searching for stuff? >Jack Emmert: Like to? Sure! New mission types take time to design, code, then implement. We’re always working on new twists and turns. I7 brought villain players the joy of Mayhem missions while I8 provided heroes with the challenge of Safeguard missions.

Each brought some new stuff into play. So rest assured, we’ll keep delivering fresh, innovative content. >MMORPG.com (Personamorph): Do you currently have any plans to make your website more interactive, a stronger part of the game and community? >Jack Emmert: I know that as developers, we’re trying to resurrect the old “Ask a Dev” series( CoV infamy). I’m pretty confident that NCSoft will continue to trailblaze with its community management. >MMORPG.com (Vevi): Top Cow has stated that the City of Heroes Comic will end its run with Issue 20. What is the future of the comic? >Jack Emmert: The comic ends with Issue 20, but we’re planning on lots of new community stuff to take its place.

Back by Popular Demand: The Winter Event Returns! > >The Winter Event is back for another week of gifts and festivities! A cold front on the horizon brings back winter to the streets of Paragon and outlying Rogue Isles! On Monday the 8th of January, the Winter Event returns! Cold weather is expected to last through the week(City of Villains infamy), ending on Monday the 15th. > >So put your scarves and gloves back on! Old Father Time will be back with presents galore, and there’s plenty of opportunity to collect the winter badges you might have missed!

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