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Crystal Saga v1.0 - Level 80, VIP, and More

It’s been a hectic couple of months for us here at R2Games. Since we launched our first Crystal Saga beta server on September 1st, we’ve been amazed at the amount of attention the game has been getting. In a mere 10 weeks, hundreds of thousands of players have set foot in the world of Vidalia. We’ve successfully launched a total of 15 servers, and our Facebook page is fast approaching 200,000 fans. For all of this, we have our wonderful player community to thank. With that being said, we are pleased to announce that Crystal Saga will be concluding its beta testing (character data will remain) and going fully live next week!

Players will see two major updates to the game this week in correlation with our official release, namely the implementation of our VIP system and the increase of the level and content caps from 60 to 80. These two systems, from a programming standpoint, have taken us longer to implement then originally expected, and we would like to apologize for not releasing these in October as originally planned. With a level cap of 80 and our VIP system online, we will finally be able to focus more on putting out some cool bi-weekly and monthly updates with more of the content that our players have been asking for (soul development, new player costumes, the crystal ladder, rebirths, etc.)

We will be releasing more details about the aforementioned content in several posts this week leading up to our launch. For now, I can tell you that Crystal Saga’s VIP system will not be using the now-web-game-standard tiered-VIP system. Instead, we have decided to launch a very affordable monthly VIP package that will prove beneficial to all of our players. With the rising of the game’s level cap, you can look forward to seeing hundreds of new quests, (Crystal Saga Gold)new continents, dungeons, equipment, item sets, and more.

Again, we would like to take this time to sincerely thank all of our players for their continued support during this beta period. We’ll be throwing out some teasers of our new content a couple times per day over the following week, so keep your eyes on our official news and announcements forum!

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