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Crystal Saga is a refined free-to-play

Crystal Saga Gold)and in an instant, it flooded the entire planet. Crushed stone flew in all directions, yellow sand obscured the sun, and scorching crust emerged from the Earth, as if exhibiting its ..


Crystal Saga: New Server Windshear Peaks is Coming

Crystal Saga server, Windshear Peaks. Open to all players, Crystal Saga is a free-to-play browser MMORPG. Windshear Peaks will be their very first server set on Pacific Standard Time (PST). To celebra..


Crystal Saga: New Beta Served Launched for Testers

Crystal Saga An eighth server for the Open Beta testing phase of Crystal Saga, Kaspaya Beach, has been launched by publishers R2Games. This is in order to help with the demand of players wanting to pa..


Rise and Shiny recap: Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a browser-based, free-to-play, Flash-based MMORPG (theres a mouthful) that allows players to do a lot of things, including fully automate the grinding process. I can hear the potential..


Crystal Saga v1.0 - Level 80, VIP, and More

Crystal Saga beta server on September 1st, weve been amazed at the amount of attention the game has been getting. In a mere 10 weeks, hundreds of thousands of players have set foot in the world of Vid..


Crystal Saga is a free browser game that looks like RO

Crystal Saga is a free browser game that looks like RO, the anime MMORPG. While Crystal Saga runs in real time in your browsers.Crystal Saga Gold) is sure to provide a gaming experience to fit your pl..


Crystal Saga Level 80 & VIP Comes

Crystal Saga content update to date, increasing the games level cap to 80 and implementing a brand new monthly VIP system.Crystal Saga Gold) in a twist of fate, go up against your NPC friends in incre..