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Dark Age of Camelot - Game Introduction

Is located in Virginia Mythic Entertainment development company engaged in the development of online multiplayer games has been for many years, and has worked on text-based MUD (multiplayer Dungeon) and role-playing game Dark Age of Camelot: Crusader (Darkness Falls: the Crusade), and in 1999, years, developed a new team mode first-person shooter game "orator: Chain of conflict" (Spellbinder: The Nexus Conflict).

Seemingly plain, "Dark Age of Camelot DAOC Platinum," with the biggest feature is realism. The development team hopes that the true history of Europe and join a number of Scandinavian mythology, to attract the vast network of gamers. This game is the background for the ancient European mythology, the time to step down occurred in the King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table was dissolved shortly after.

The historical background of the game is familiar to the history of that part of the story of King Arthur is dead after the regime was Ireland and the Vikings seized back. Gradual deterioration of the situation in England DAOC Plat, began to turn the course of their suffering, and England, and the two people to take up arms again to fight the invaders. Peace disappeared, three continents began to fight each other, once a brilliant Camilo trapped in the shadow of war. Players enter the game from England
DAOC Plat, Ireland and the Vikings in the three countries to choose a play, use your wisdom and strength to help your country.

"Dark Age of Camelot," with the basic structure is very similar to the classic MMORPG. The game allows players from a particular ethnic and occupational characteristics to create a role
DAOC Platinum, and then entered the game to start in the virtual world of adventure, and fight monsters to earn experience points and levels. However, the "Dark Age of Camelot," have many distinctive features, a large part of which Mythic has its own unique settings. The game world, there are three areas: the mainland of Ireland, Celtic, Scandinavian Germanic British mainland and the mainland of England. You will be able to in three different areas to create the role of race and class, you can do is start in your country for adventure, with the ultimate aim of aggression and the other two regions. Each continent has its own boundary line, the player can fight to defend their territory, you can then attack other territories DAOC Platinum.

In the game, the player for his country fighting for supremacy, in order to defend the fortress to fight for the remaining rights under the fighting, the same is also fighting for their own future. If you feel that PvP players not enjoyable, you can also join the field of right field (Realm v Realm) of war
DAOC Platinum.

"Dark Age of Camelot" is the most representative of Mythic's culmination, this typical of Europe and the United States in 2001 for sale online RPG style NNORPG rated as Europe and the United States, one of the leading works of its game content and settings for online games has been a subsequent imitation of the object, and "Asheron's Call", "Ultima Online" ( "Ultima Online"), "EverQuest" ( "endless task"), etc. together affect the entire MMORPG development
DAOC Plat.

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