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Producer's Letter Published

Dark Age of Camelot  Producer Stuart Zissu has published the latest in a series of Producer's Letters on the official site. In this month's note, Zissu announces that the next 'milestone' update will include some big changes in Realm vs Realm game play.
So where to start? Well, we've been aggressively investigating performance and lag issues with a special focus on what is commonly referred to as "lag ghosting".

We realize that things like ghosting can have a negative impact on your RvR experience(DAOC Platinum), so we're going to be devoting very valuable Engineering resources to resolving it in addition to other persisting performance concerns.
Another upcoming focus will be a big scrub through the Realm Ability system. First off, we are adding multiple levels to many of the Realm Abilities. Many of the abilities that currently cap at level 5 have been expanded to level 9. Similarily, abilities which previously capped at level 3 have been raised to level 5. Now before anyone get's concerned, we're not actually increasing the power of these abilities; rather we're making their progression more incremental, allowing for greater customization of your Realm Ability templating(DAOC Plat).


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