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Dungoen Fighter Online Reveals Thief Class with Act X Expansion!

There's word around town that the land of Arad has been struck with a bit of a burglary problem lately, which can only mean one thing: The Thief is making her way into Dungeon Fighter Online.

The much anticipated Thief is a swift, cunning, and deadly character class. As a descendent of the Dark Elf race, the Thief is constantly plagued not only by betrayal, but also by a tragic epidemic that swept through her beloved home of Noire Ferra. Unlike her elven ancestors, Dark Elves do not depend on magic as they have a much stronger physical capacity, honing their abilities in espionage and thievery. But the Thief bears no interest in material goods or precious wares; she steals what she needs, whether it is information, memories or even souls.

As the fastest character in dfo gold, the Thief will be a force to be reckoned with. Her two subclasses, Rogue and Necromancer, will give players a chance to fight through dungeons with some of the most versatile character hierarchies in the game. When awakened, the Thief Rogue will transform into Silvermoon, renowned for her unparalleled nimbleness and swift swordplay.

Players may also choose to evolve their Thief into a Necromancer, who comes with the summoning power of the Spider Prince Nicholas and Ballacre, the great king of fear. When awakened, Necromancer transforms into Defiler, whose Phantom Storm skill brands enemies and summons Ballacre's army.

Big things are happening in the town of Arad, and the introduction of the Thief class is only the first phase of Act X: Rebirth for dfo gold. OnRPG will be getting the inside scoop on Act X at E3 in June!

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