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Final Fantasy XIV May Come to Xbox 360, Vita, Mobile

Final Fantasy XIV greatly damaged the Final Fantasy brand, but theyve recently been working on version 2.0 in order to breathe new life into the property. The games producer director, Naoki Yoshida, ..


Final Fantasy XIV Preview: the Final Version will be a Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV offer a 15 minutes gameplay chance for players at GamesCom 09. RPG Site was the lucky one to experience the game and gave a preview. According to their report, the game carried on th..


Is Final Fantasy XIV Really That Bad? Part 2

Final Fantasy is famous for having great storytelling and Final Fantasy XIV attempts to push players through its own narrative. Unfortunately it is so disengaged from the rest of the game that its alm..


Final Fantasy XIV Fansite

Sorry that Im late to Final Fantasy XIV getting this posted, I ended up having one of the longest days at work and needless to say I just got home... To put that in prospective I worked fifteen hours ..


Temporary Suspension of Square Enix MMO's due to Earthquake

Final Fantasy XIV, ffxiv gil, and PlayOnline temporarily.


Is Final Fantasy XIV Really That Bad?

Final Fantasy XIV series was met with a decidedly negative response. Now in its fourteenth iteration, a game with Final Fantasy sprawled across the cover is usually indicative of a genre-defining role..