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Howdy everyone!
Sorry that I'm late to Final Fantasy XIV getting this posted, I ended up having one of the longest days at work and needless to say I just got home... To put that in prospective I worked fifteen hours today... Sucks that once you have a salary job you don't get paid for overtime.
To start us off right, I'll introduce myself so you can better understand where I am come from and why I podcast. :)
My name is Brian and my screen name is Brinz I'm sure you can see some similarities(ffxiv gil)... I much like many others am an avid gamer. I have played FFXIV Gil back when it started on the original NES as a kid and fell in love with the series when it came out on the Super Nintendo.FFXIV Gil was my first back when it first came out in the U.S. and I made plenty of mistakes and people knew I hadn't played an MMO before. It's because of the community that I found in Final Fantasy XIV Gil that I really love to help out new players get their footing in the game. I have spent more time helping new players then I care to count, but I have always enjoyed my time helping people understand the ins and outs of the game.
As someone who enjoys playing XI, I have found many faults in the game that I would always love to see corrected(final fantasy xiv gil). When I first started reading about Square's next MMO, project "Rapture" I was very excited. Having played other MMO games off and on I hoped that Square would study what worked in these MMO games and apply them to their new ... This year at E3 my one and only game that I wanted to hear about was their next MMO... And to both my surprise and excitement, that happened to be ff14 gil.

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