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Heroes of Three Kingdoms: Flop or Hot

How many variations of this story have we encountered already? Heroes of Three Kingdoms is another game developed by Perfect World Entertainment (PWE), the company behind some serious games like Jade Dynasty, Forsaken World, and Battle of the Immortals. This is the developers first foray into a serious game with a heavy historical background, with Heroes loosely based on China's most popular epic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a story that details that civil unrest that resulted in harsh battles in ancient China. The game takes you to the time when the story took place and your role is to take part in the great unification of China. The game's background is promising and PWE has a reputation for making artful characters. Let's see how Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold fare as a game.

HOTK Graphics


Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold is heavily Oriental themed as can be observed in the character creation screen. It will look and feel like an Asian MMORPG through and through and will transport your imagination to the time of the story when China was divided into three kingdoms-three leaders Cao Cao, Lui Bei and Sun Quan all battling for supremacy. You will find yourself pledging allegiance to any of these heroes as you progress further into the game. But first things first:

What you will definitely take notice in the character creation screen is their the massive weapons for your character. They have a total of 18 choices, two of which you will pick as your primary and your secondary weapons. This is unique way of infusing semi-realism into the game and takes away the typical and over-used idea of choosing melee or spellcasting characters. Your choice of weapon will determine your basic stats: ATK, HP, Crit, Skill and AOE. For example, Glaive gives you advantage with HP, ATK, and AOE but is pretty low on Skill and AOE, while Saber has top Crit, good ATK and Skill. Checking out each type of weapon is a fanfare because the demo is as flashy as it can get, which shouldn't be a wonder because PWE employed a professional choreographer of martial arts.


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