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Heroes of Three Kingdoms Interview: Staying true to a Classic Part 1

Heroes of Three Kingdoms is one of Perfect World Entertainment's upcoming MMORPGs. The game is based on the historical Warring States Period, stamped into the annuals of history in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of China's Four Great Classical Novels. How will this title differentiate itself from the massive number of Asian-themed MMOs out in the market?

OnRPG: Hello, I am Fo Po (cinderboy), OnRPG journalist. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers?
Hello, my name is Aaron (A.J.) Potter-Product Manager for Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold. As a fan of the Three Kingdoms period, when I was given the responsibility to spearhead the effort to bring Heroes of Three Kingdoms to the North American audience, I was thrilled. I look forward to showing you what all Heroes of Three Kingdoms has to offer.

OnRPG: What is the main difference between Heroes of Three Kingdoms and the other games in Perfect World Entertainment's stable?
First and foremost, Heroes of Three Kingdoms is the first MMORPG in our portfolio that is based on history. Players will have the opportunity to choose between one of the Three Kingdoms during that period-the Wu, Shu or Wei. Unlike other MMOs, your "class" is determined based on what weapon type you choose-and you can even go on to master two! This is also my favorite feature, as it means that I'm no longer locked into a particular role, and I can switch depending on who I'm grouping with.

Interacting with players and guilds becomes a very important part of the game, as Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold has an extensive Territory War system, which will pit kingdoms against each other. Players will be able to turn the tide of war in favor of their side, earn different titles and even become a general of their kingdom!

OnRPG: Heroes of Three Kingdoms is loosely based on the classical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. There are many great warriors, leaders and rulers who brought the whole storyline to life. What roles do they play in the game?
Fans of the classical novel, and the Three Kingdoms era, will be able to see their favorite warriors, leaders and rulers throughout the game. Through the Campaign mode, there are a variety of different tasks available for players to experience-from fighting alongside Zhao Yun to rescue Liu Bei's son, to infiltrating an enemy's camp undetected to steal documents.


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