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Trespassing on the experience add one point in kal

Great admirers of the thieves Wang Bierbo, Bajinshi, so I chose the thief. Trespassing on the experience add one point in Kal Online Geons.

Comrade has been found in the days before I release his experience thieves inside skills and usage has been introduced very comprehensive.

Discussion on the article only, as well as additional days searching comrades article did not involve the part.

Personally, I first brief summary of several rules of Kal Online Geons game

10 second rule.

When the body was strange to wake up, there will be a 10 second knockout of the immune dizziness buff. In this 10 seconds, launched a joint attack skills null and void.

60 second rule

When the same team successfully launched a joint attack by thieves, there will be a goal within 60 seconds resistance Joint Strike skills buff in Kal Online Geons.

7 seconds rules

Thieves successfully launched a joint attack, the team chose to coin only time only seven seconds.

This kind of game is that why many thieves skills will be a joint attack by the immune swap where the problem lies. Hope that we attach great importance!

Some say the Kal Online Geons practical interrupt.

1.14 skills "confuse" role: Interrupt goal singing, and the skills to extend the duration of the double objective of singing time. 15 s cooling time skills

2.20 skills "deter the attack" role: interrupt goal singing, and it dizziness five seconds. 45 s cooling time (not prompt must meet tricks.)

3.8 skills "of confusing" role: paralysis enemy 30 seconds. Target will be lifted by the attack. Cooling time is 1 m

4. Joint attack triggered all the skills have brought interrupt effect.

These are a few nights interrupted thieves practical skills. Next Analysis

Interrupt method described one kind of "confuse" skills can be said to be their trump card thieves skills of the target species ignored, ignoring target level (general business elite Masters), did not launch conditions, the cooling time is 15 s, is home travel, killing The people must yield!


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