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Kal Online Mercenary Captain

Kal Online is based on oriental myth about the 74th war between Ha-Nin,the great king and Ban-Go who challenged to the king with troops of demon.Minimum Level: Level 5(kalonline geons)Quest Descriptio..


Kal-Online Basic Info 4

kalonline geons (another weapon, armor, and elemental stones) through the Mix Masterkal online geons from the merchant.kalonline geon one more time with the payed items (from the official website).


Kal-Online Introduction

Kal-Online, brings a new genre of Oriental Fantasy to the players. Kal-Online has oriental sentiment and culture in a fantasy world. Most current games based on western fantasy,SF,etc.But Kal-Online c..


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Kal Online Geons.Kal Online Geons gameKal Online Geons.Kal Online Geons practical interrupt.