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King of Kings 3 Out of Beta & Launches

King of Kings 3 is opening its gates to players in North America and Europe.King of Kings 3 Gold)the variety of minigames, dozens of mounts and character housing.. Brilliantly-designed fantasy world f..


King of Kings 3 has presented its new update, Moon Goddess

King of Kings 3 is launching a new update Moon Goddess that comes with lots of new content. The players are drawn into a conflict between good and evil angels. Almost 200 new skills have been unveiled..


King of Kings 3 - The Path of the Cleric

King of Kings 3 well shed some light on the cleric and the different specializations available to him. The cleric goes into battle armed with a hammer and dressed in a robe or leather armor. At Level ..


King of Kings 3 Featured Pet System Preview

King of Kings 3, where the pet system mirrors the complexity of the rest of the game. Beside the fairy-like imamu, there are also pets specific to each class and a plethora of different mounts.King of..


King of Kings 3 (EU) Closed Beta Pre-register Live

King of Kings 3, players can explore a huge and diverse fantasy world. A versatile housing system offers each character its own individually furnished accommodation.King of Kings 3 Gold).KOK3 Gold PvP..


King of Kings 3: Gods of the Seven Realms 1

King of Kings 3 is another brave new entry in the 3D fantasy MMORPG genre. The game takes you to a medieval world where you can become a king of your own land and defeat other realms with your power. ..


King of Kings 3 Dragon God Ressurection Launches

King of Kings 3, released today, opening the doors to the Dragon Realm and thus also a wealth of new content and features. Fans of PvP will especially enjoy everything the expansion has to offer - bat..