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King of Kings 3: Gods of the Seven Realms 1

King of Kings 3 is another brave new entry in the 3D fantasy MMORPG genre. The game takes you to a medieval world where you can become a king of your own land and defeat other realms with your power. King of Kings 3 Gold will not mislead you with claims of new MMORPG features although it proudly bears the tagline "the ultimate PVP and clan war MMORPG". The question is, does it live up to its promises or will it leave you a bad taste in the mouth

In King of Kings 3, there are no other races apart from humans whose looks, facial features, hairstyles, and makeup are customizable. You can only choose from three classes at the start of the game: the Warrior, the Mage, and the Cleric-all of which has three subclasses that you can activate when you reach level 50.


Upon learning this, I would have to inwardly cringe and sigh at the thought of having to plod through several levels with but just two to three useful skills for combat before I could expand my skill set. When I look at the skill tree, it looks like a plant that is severely lacking leaves. I did my quests with just a thoughtless skill rotation-if you can call using one spell a rotation-making the leveling experience not only monotonous but boring.


This game touts itself as a PvP-oriented game, with some PvE aspects for character leveling purposes. King of Kings 3 Gold 's strength highly depends on its community and its response to its PvP system. To further enforce its PvP is their in-game community feature. One of the game's main purposes is to allow any player to rise up the ranks from a mere citizen into someone worthy of founding a kingdom. This could be easily construed as a guild, although wars between a guild, legion and kingdom are altogether different concepts. In this aspect, I could say that King of Kings 3 has taken clan wars to another level.

Establishing a kingdom in this game is exactly just as it says. You acquire land, you build a home, create a livelihood, open new opportunities for your guild or kingdom-it's like playing a browser-based strategy game within the game. Your kingdom can offer a truce to other kingdoms and create alliances with them to be able to attack other kingdoms from the enemy's realm. With the game's community feature, you can monitor the various kingdoms around you and compare their relative strength to your own.


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