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Last Chaos Game Summary

last chaos gold s is a MMORPG which you have to download the environment before you can play free online. The game features six character classes (knight, healer, mage, titan, rogue, and sorcerer) in its own fantasy world with a fairly large player base. The game appears to be your average free-to-play MMORPG. According to the website, “ the land that the players inhabit was created by two gods, Apollon and Eres, the gods of light and darkness, respectfully. As two rival gods are wont to do, Apollon and Eres clash with each other and a tremendous war breaks out. Eres creates an “evil” race (which is playable in the game as the Titan class) but then retreats after a failed attempt to control the world.”
last chaos gold restricts the selection process to the gender, the character class, and a few appearance options. The character’s race is based entirely upon the class a character chooses: a Titan is a Titan, a Knight is a human, a Sorcerer is an Elf and so on.
At certain levels, your character will be allowed to go on a solo-only dungeon raid filled with all sorts of creepy, crawly critters. One personal dungeon quest happens immediately when you enter the game, throwing you into combat with striking speed, while the other quests aren’t available until you achieve the fifth level of experience or higher. Be warned, even at fifth level the personal dungeon will be incredibly difficult, and I’d recommend being at least level ten before fully exploring its depths.
Key Features
Advanced Graphics –last chaos gold uses “bump map rendering technology” which enables high quality graphics and allows for crisper, brighter images and gives the graphics a more realistic atmosphere.
Personal Dungeon – This is a private quest where players can go solo in arcade style gaming in a more rapid and exciting pace. Players are rewarded handsomely in experience and treasure.
E.R.A.S. (Exciting Range of Aggressive Battle System) – Players can hit monsters that are in the sweep of their weapons and last chaos gold also a combination of more exiting attack options.


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