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Lastchaos Cleric Guide

Here is a Last chaos guide of cleric for you.if you are interested in it,read on.Hope the article is helpful to you. I believe you will learn something from it.
Ok, so let's start...

Do you want to buy last chaos gold for your character, and last powerleveling to get a higher level for your character in short time, if you need to buy these good..


You get your healer out of the box at level 2-4. First thing you want to do is get your self a guardian and level to 20 in 10 days as fast as possible. doing this will get you your Own Last chaos gold(healer event weapon) its attack is 84 which is roughly equivalent to a level 29 bow that you can use once your level 17, so if you complete it you get to use it till your level 31. You can pack a scepter once in a while as its useful in pet leveling and personal dungeons, but if you have multi-strike, a bow is fine too.


On early levels, it is not wise to use a scepter unless you are pet leveling. Remember that you want to level as fast as you can to level 31 to get to change class. Get a pet pony and don't mount it untill level 37 in Last chaos gold. Mounting at 31 is fine but you will have to raise another one to get it to level 37 (at this level they give both level 10 offensive and defensive buffs)
Using your pet you would want to put the pet's Tech pts. Towards DEF and some on HP so that you won't die too fast. Play around with the stats, they're free to reset at the pet trainer.


Spend your Last chaos gold wisely... once sp is spent, its gone... so make sure that you spend it wisely on the following skills

1. heal
2. party heal
3. fast bow fixing

4. rise focus
5. rise mana
6. Poison Arrow
7. mana shield
8. double sling shot

The other skills just get the minimum requirement if needed to acquire the next skill.


Before level 31, just put all stats into DEX as you need the high evasion and attack power this will give you. Don't worry about the Last chaos gold and the DEF, your pet can take care of you.


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