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About the Rep for Turbine in Lotro

You always wanted a white pony when you're growing up.And now you finally have one.The evaluation of the Rep for Turbine in Lotro is below.After nearly 3 years and from start to finish,you were able to complete Vol. 1 last night and you wanted to share with turbine your favorite books and chapters from Vol. 1,overall, you liked the story chapters more than the combat ones.1.9.1:usually the surprise comes at the end of a book,but way to go with starting off a book with a good surprise.You're not sure if you’ll ever trust helpless old women again. 1.11:the story scene in Delossad prison,this is by far your favorite chapter in Vol. 1.

Great,great story telling.Great implementation because it fit with the atmosphere and gave meaningful information!1.14.12:the final chapter in this book that wasn’t expecting that!Goes to show that if you make a pact with the devil,you get what’s coming to you.This was a good long instance with a good and surprising finish(lotro gold).1.15.14:the final chapter in this book,the overall book wasn’t that great and it had too much back and forth travel,but kudos for bringing satisfying closure to Vol. 1.This was another good long instance that enjoyed the different mobs in there.P.S.You could know some people hate session play,but you can think it’s a great way to tell a story without ruining the flow and atmosphere.Think Helms Deep or the Black Gate and If we don’t get to participate in the actual battles with our characters!If you have a good high level(Lotro powerleveling)weapon(Lotro Gold)you can kill mostly all with one shot and you will be win.You can buy lotro gold.

Here’s some more +rep for Turbine and these are little things you wanted to mention that you noticed as you were running around last night finishing 1.15,shared storage and it’s easy to overlook this after a while,but this may be the best non-quest,non-game mechanic implementation to date,abundant swift travel routes,after doing 1.15,may need to add a swift travel to Echad Candelleth,ability to select number of crafting mats,easy to overlook,but does anyone remember when you had to click the counter a zillion times and then the message slow down, too many requests or something like that would pop up after 5 or so clicks?This may be the second implementation.You're sure there are other little things that could be mentioned,but those stood out to me.You were pondering and are you just plain stupid or hopelessly apathetic your conclusion(lord of the rings online gold).


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