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How To Make Money in MTS

If you have not figured out from the previous sections, the best way to make money(Buy maple story mesos) is to take advantage of the different ratios of exchange offered by the price ranges. Thus taking cheap or medium range items and changing them into NX, and then using the combined NX to get godly items that sell for maybe 3-4 mil per 1k NX can be amazing profit.Another way to make money is to snipe good deals. Though this may decrease as people get more familiar with MTS, there will always be people who put great items in for very little NX.

Finally, as mentioned, MTS is cross-server. Take advantage of the server you are in as much as possible. If your server has certain items(maple story mesos) for extremely cheap prices compared to other servers, buy them with mesos and sell them on MTS. If something is particularly expensive in your server but not at all expensive in other servers, buy the cheap ones that people in those servers listed on MTS and then sell them in your server.

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