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Metal Assault: Zombie Side-Scroller Going into Closed Beta

Publishers of the new free-to-play online shooter Metal Assault, Aeria Games, recently announced the plan to have a Closed Beta testing phase begin in spring of this year. Here is your chance to sign up early and be one of the first to get your invites! 

Metal Assault In preparation for the launch into the Closed Beta testing of Metal Assault, Aeria Games have given you the chance to get in early and register on their homepage. It is planned to go live sometime in the spring of this year and those who get into the Beta will be informed per email.

Metal Assault is a side-scrolling client game (Metal Assault gold)that is action packed and full of zombies. Take the fight to the brain eating undead while earning new weapons and gear. Aeria encourages players to learn more about the game before signing up for the Beta but all registrants are welcome.

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