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Metal Assault Fires Up Open Beta with New Content

Aeria Games announced today the launch of Open Beta testing for Metal Assault. Filled with exciting run 'n' gun action, Metal Assault appeals to fans of the Metal Slug genre with its 2D side-scrolling graphics and fast-paced gameplay. The low system requirements and relatively quick download speed make jumping into fast-paced shooter action easier than ever.

Metal Assault received several notable content updates for its Open Beta release. Additional PvP maps, new cooperative missions, and a new Zombie game mode are now available to everyone. At the heart of Metal Assault is thrilling PvP action with a variety of weapons and explosives. Boost your character stats in the game's engaging story mode.

Metal Assault's Open Beta testing experience is fully loaded with in-game events and exciting new content(Metal Assault gold):

Content Updates in Open Beta - Fight your friends in the new Zombie PvP mode, team up for additional co-op missions, test out the upgraded quest system, and explore new PvP maps.
OBT Forum Contests - Interact with the vibrant Metal Assault community for a series of fun Open Beta events. Enter contests for best desktop and most realistic in-game weapon drawing. Compete for a chance to get your most creative mask design incorporated into the game.
In-Game Events - To celebrate Metal Assault's Open Beta, our game masters have planned multiple in-game events. Watch the calendar for timed EXP boosts, Drop Rate increases and other Open Beta exclusive bonuses.

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