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Rush For Supremacy!

Apart from launching of Anniversary's surprising events, RAN Team decide to held another special experience event! During the special event, the character who within specific level will receive extra 1.5x experience rate from killing monster! Sharpen the weapon for yourself and prepare to taste for the Supremacy.

Attention :
* This event is available for All Classes character within the specific level.
* The characters who within the specific level also may participate the “Frenzy 1.5 Experience Event” & “Anniversary Special Online Reward” at the same time(Pandora Saga Gold).

Event Rules:

1. myRosso will not be responsible for any Internet disconnection, or latency issues caused by the player's own ISP Internet connectivity or other causes. The event will proceed as (Pandora Saga Gold)scheduled, and no extended period will be awarded.
2. Should there be any technical issues occurred during the event, myRosso reserves the right to terminate/change or/ and amend any details of the event.You can Buy Pandora Saga Gold.


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