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Pandora Saga Officially Launches!

Atlus USA has announced that Pandora Saga is now officially in commercial release. To celebrate its official launch, developers have raised the level cap to 44, added new PvP zones and have opened the game's item shop(Pandora Saga Gold).
"After an open beta full of excellent feedback and refinement, Pandora Saga(Buy Pandora Saga Gold) proudly leaves beta status and begins its commercial service," stated Tsuyoshi Onozuka, Director at Atlus Online. "It is now that the game will truly begin to deliver on its tremendous promise, with huge warzone battles featuring hundreds of player combatants, new challenges for higher-level users, an item shop full of rare and useful resources, and much more.

That is not to suggest that the time for continuing to listen to feedback and improve the game has passed; our focus will always be on delivering the ultimate experience for our community, and as such we shall continue to explore ways to make Pandora Saga( Pandora Saga Gold) the best game possible."

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