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Perfect World archer guide

Hello,Perfect World online guys.Welcome to our website.There is a brief guide, to provide assistance for new archers lacking direction.

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There are two standard approaches in Perfect World Gold as follows:

Per 5 attribute points:
4 Dexterity
1 Strength

This is really the build I would reccommend, the strength enables you to wear the best light armor at each level, and dexterity gives you the Perfect World Money you could ever dream of. A lot of people would argue that a build with no vitality is lacking in survivability, but as an archer, the best defense is killing everything before it reaches you.

Per 5 attribute points:
3 Dexterity
1 Strength
1 Vitality

I guess this is the build if you are just not comfortable with a complete lack of vitality. It grants you a greater capacity for taking hits, but the reduced dexterity will mean monsters are able to beat on you longer. Note that while a 'pure' archer, may decide later to add vitality to his build and become a hybrid; a hybrid archer can not become a 'pure' archer (without expensive restatting).


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