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Solo class Guides in Perfect World

Welcome to come here, dear players!

Do you often play Perfect World? Would you like to buy some cheap Perfect World Gold? Here we provide the best service with the fastest delivery. Next we will provide you some detailed information about Solo class to help you know much about the game. Hope it could help you.

If you are looking for a Character that can do as the following:
1> Solo (Applies to normal and elite mobs only and not bosses)
2> Own all Mobs like a piece of cake
3> Really Good at PVP too
4> And most importantly, have fun and make loads of Perfect World Gold

Solo - Excellent at Solo. You can know when you played your archer you levelled really easy. All you need is a good weapon. Heck, Mobs rarely reached you after Lv 40(Perfect World Gold), you should use the Lv 30 Armor way till 60. That is how easy life is as an archer.

Money Making - You can make a hell lot of money if you grab a pair of good wings or simply master Wing Mastery Skill. Air Mobs are what you must grind to become really rich in a short time =) Infact money making is so easy on an archer that you managed to get all the money for your herc on your archer, then started a veno just becoz you got bored playing an archer(Perfect World Money).

PVP - Playing an archer makes a seriously PVE Noob become a power hungry maniac. Perfect World Money That is how much fun PVP is with an archer, especially if you like to attack ppl and kill them before they even know what is going on since you stay at a max range.


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