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Priston Tale 2 Gets New Zone

Game Bridger Entertainment released today a content update to their hit MMORPG, Priston Tale 2: The Second Enigma.

The update introduces the new "Desert Frontier" zone. The Desert Frontier brings with it new monsters to battle and new quests to complete(Priston Tale Money). This update will be followed by an additional update next week that will add match-making features to the game's competitive PvP mode.

The Desert Frontier is a new zone located beyond the Navisko territory in an alternate realm. It is a place that has fully embraced the evil god Midranda's demonic rule. There, players will encounter deadly new monsters like the mounted Anduhal Rider and the ogre-like Grity, and embark on new quests that will challenge even the most seasoned  Priston Tale Gold  players.


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