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Priston Tale: A Full Month Of Events

Are you looking for the ultimate leveling break-down for all zones in the Burning Crusade? Do you want to make a fortune with hidden gold farming spots in Outland?

Do you like the idea of a thorough expansion walk-through that tells you exactly which quests to complete in which order and how? Then the Priston Tale Gold Burning Crusade Guide might be what you are looking for.

Highlights of the Priston Tale Eons Burning Crusade Guide

How to fly through levels in Outland in record time with quests alone while raking in equipment and gold at the same time. And all that without grinding a single mob.
The top 5 Priston Tale Gold making methods in the Burning Crusade expansion - revealed and explained step-by-step

An overview of new spells for every  Priston Tale Gold class
How to avoid the biggest reputation mistakes and whether you should choose Aldor or Scryers

Find your way around Outland with a detailed zone guide that includes towns, outposts and infrastructure
Want to dominate the new battleground? The PvP strategy section shows you how(Priston Tale 2 Eons).


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