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Classes Guide for Rappelz

Here we list you some information for kinds of Rappelz Classes. Please have a look as that can help a lot.

1) Stepper
The Stepper is the starting class for the Asura.

2) Strider
The Strider is an assassin-like class(rappelz rupees) that uses high evasion and attack power. Gets upgrades for the cross bow and good with fast attack weapons like dual wield daggers, but not as defensive as the fighter or holy warrior. Has Self buffs to increase Evasion and Lower threat level(Rappelz powerleveling), so the low defense is no problem when in a party.

3) Assassin
The Melee second Job class of the Strider. Can further improve Dual Weapon skill and receives lots of buffs for accuracy and evasion(rappelz rupee). Can make itself invisible from other players and monsters.

4) Shadow Hunter
The ranged Second Job class of the strider. Also has accuracy and evasion buffs, but skills focus on usage of the crossbow(rappelz gold). Fast and good damage.


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