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Hunters Guide of rappelz

This is the PvP guide to priest.

PvP is a feature of Rappelz where you can go against a real player! As a priest you would want to get every skill thats related to attacks. The most important in my opinion being Stun Mace, Smite, Energy Beat, Acid Spray, and Shining Buster.(Keep in mind Shining Buster only works when you are not being attacked). Also use a Mace, that helps with Stun Mace(rappelz rupees).

You can heal yourself, they typically can't unless they have a BP or Angel.
You can buff yourself, they typically don't have access to rappelz gold.

Your p.def is naturally low. So you can take hits hard.
Your very limited on skills and stuns so use them wisely.

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