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Part 1: RF Class and play guide

Well hello there! This is RF Online, your old friend. Welcome to our site!

Now here is a complete RF Online Gold guide which selected from the other website. I will post this guide as two article. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website.

You'll start at level 1, duh, then at level 30 you can change class. These changes of classes are for specialising the characters. There are different routes to take. At level 40 you change agin. Firstly is the Warrior.

This is your close ranged fighter. They have the highest defense, and that doubles with a shield along with block rate.

And yes, blocks work against magic. They can do great damage with two handed weapons(RF Online Gold), but then they are within range of alot of people so they can die quickly that way. This is why most will go Sword/Shield.

Along with going Sword/Shield many will use ranger armor. This basically gives more attack speed, faster movement, and resists.

These resists also counter the -20% all elements that shield gives and the lowering defense using defense talics. While this means more training to raise your ranged PT, it is worth it if you want to be strong. Now at level 30 you have two choices, either offensive as Commando or Defensive as Miller.

Commando has a skilled called Howl to buff your melee damage. However, if you look at Cora theirs buffs both offense and defense and Accretia have higher armor than the others, along with being able to get a damage buff later on. Though, Commando will have access to Holy magic so it's not bad in comparison of RF Online Gold.

The Miller is an amazing tank for PvE. It's the best sheild wielding tank in the game when you go to sheild Miller because of the defensive shield buffs and holy magic. However it has absolutely no offensive skills except a life leaching one which is more to help you heal yourself.

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