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RF Animus Leveling Methods

I'd like to introduce you some methods of leveling Animus in RF , hope you would like ...Now please read it .


When you reach level 30 and choose to be a summoner, the race leader shall reward you one of the three animus reavers that she will offer to you. Paimon, close range animus. Inanna, healing animus. Hecate, Force type animus. The chosen animus will automatically be level 25.

Among the three I chose Paimon because he was the one who is very difficult for me to level. Summoner is said to be the mostRF Online Gold to handle in the game, maybe that??s why I chose this class and Summoners really do take so much of your time. Many players are complaining and asking on how to level up their Animi faster. Well I hope this helps...

Guide On: Hecate

Among the four reavers, Hecate is the one I like the most. Hecate hasfFast attack speed, fair damage, stun shot and Hecate has the highest dodge rate in all of the Animi. And I also use her when I raid.

I level up my Hecate by putting on a sheild, no weapon and attack an ace. Just tank Hecate until she kills the monster. Leveling her can be RF Online Gold expensive but it worth it. Also she is very fast to level up.

Another way of leveling Hecate is by using normal force attacks, of course go right in front of Hecate so that you would tank her and kill the target. Also, don??t forget to let Hecate have the last attack to boost her experience points.

Guide On: Inanna

Inanna is the easiest one to level up, she is very helpful.
How she works:
- she heals you automatically when your HP is not full.
- works as secondary pots
- escaping other stronger player (I??ll explain later)

In one day I managed to level up my Inanna to level 30 in one day, it is really not advisable to choose her as your reward when you change your job.
how to level her up, of course use her until she die and use another animus, like Paimon if she is not finished regenerating. Just use her over and over again and try not to look at her exp gauge.
Secondary pots, yes, obvious reasons but I have to say it. 1000 pots and also Inanna heals you with 1000+ life, thats 2000+ life when you reach your pots barrier.

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