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Rosh Online Announced, Sign-up for CBT now

Rosh Online The Return of KAROS, and theyre already accepting applicants for closed beta testing.Rosh Gold) which may mean you can stat it anyway you want. But they will also help you recover HP and ..


Rosh News and Announcements

Rosh Gold)tranquil garden. Condolences to Ann and family.


Fast-paced Action MMOG Rosh Online Announced Pre OBT

Rosh Online brought by Galaxy Gate and CJ EM Netmarble, announced that the Pre open beta is coming up.Rosh Gold)will not be wiped after this Pre-open beta ends. The publisher promises to enter the off..


Step in the New world of Rosh Online

Rosh Online: The return of the Karos. If youre looking to play an exciting and addictive game, then this is the type of game for you. Rosh Online has a lot of new things to offer for all players. If y..


Rosh Online: Karos has Returned

Rosh Online: Return of Karos is a fantasy MMORPG which gives you the choice between a lot of different styles of gameplay. The game provides you with a lot of classes and content to keep you entertain..