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Step in the New world of Rosh Online

Ignited Games, predecessor of the side-scrolling MMORPG Wind Slayer 2, finally announced the Official release of Rosh Online: The return of the Karos. If you’re looking to play an exciting and addictive game, then this is the type of game for you. Rosh Online has a lot of new things to offer for all players. If you haven’t given this a bite yet then you should! You’re missing one of the best game!

New users automatically have a Limited Rosh Set and Beginners Set directly to their inventory.

One of the best system in Rosh Online that cannot be seen in other MMORPG is the Auto Mouse system. Which you can sleep or do some stuff and your character will level up! This can be used for about 3 hours a day.

An Ultra-fast level Up System!

With Rosh, you can enjoy seeing your character grow in a system of

Ultra-fast level ups and quick job changes. An ode to heroes in a vast world!

The world is waiting for a new Rosh to rule over them.

Start your adventure and venture into dozens of different worlds.

Indulge in EID!

All MMORPG dungeon systems are covered! Along with the standard dungeon system,

We offer a new type of excitement with EID(Extreme Instance Dungeon), where you can battle

Amongst other users in your group and hunt for monsters(Rosh Gold).

Less Work, More Rewards!

Players can grow faster through quests.

There are both standard and special quests that you can constantly benefit from.

A navigator will guide you to your destination.

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