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Shaiya Mages Help to Kiting Defenders

Hello players , welcome to Our website!

This article will show you how does the mage help their kiting defenders in Shaiya Gold , please read it on and hope you have a good time here !

1) Pay attention to your target. Most times, you will see that your target or other mobs may break away from the pack causing them to be out of your aoe range. Keep a good lookout on your target and be ready to switch it once in a while to maximize the effect of your aoes.

2) Do not use stuns. With a non-kiting defender, stuns are very handy as they dramatically reduce damage. However, for a kiting defender, they are actually quite the nuisance. When you stun the mobs, you cause them to deviate from the defender's kiting shape, causing many unrecovered/seperated mobs making both your defender's life and your life more difficult. If you plan on using stun often in a pull, be sure to warn your defender, so he is ready to re-ajust his kiting shape after the stun. Ideally, stick to wind or fire if possible.

3) Tank. Don't panic and run everywhere when a mob attacks you, run away a bit, aoe, run again, aoe or quickly kill the mob attacking you. You are not helpless.

4) Mind your position. When a mob aggros off to you due to an accident by your defender, make sure you are within the maximum Shaiya Gold chase range of all the mobs. If you stand really far away from the mobs in a 4 mob, 6 mob or 8 mob pull , you might cause some to run back to their initial poistions if one aggro off by mistake.

5) Kill faster. So a mob aggros off and starts attacking you and your defender is at 10% HP and cannot risk using Curse Raid/Panic to get it off you since he might die, what do you do? If you kite and aoe the mobs on your defender, you could finish off a bunch and enable him to get that mob off you. But now lets say you have no mob on you, but your defender is low on HP. Just spam you fastest killing spells

6) Use Potential Motive . Skills like Trubulence, Chain Lightning and Sonic Peeler become instant recharge when Potential Motive is unlocked . Health Assistant will recharge instantly as well. You can cast HA once more right before Potential Motive ends to maximize it's duration as well as have it ready for use again immediatly in case of another sticky situation occuring during the recharge time of Potential Motive. Many littles tricks can be played with Potential Motive, so be a little creative with it .

Thanks for reading and have a good time in Shaiya Gold world !


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