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Vindictus News List


Vindictus Karok Skill Guide and Analysis

Vindictus (the American version of Mabinogi: Heroes), lets take a peek at his skills from the Korean version first. Hopefully, this article will help you aquatint yourself with Karok.This skill is a m..


Vindictus has high production value

Vindictus is a hack and slash style, MMORPG brawler that mixes instanced stages with persistent towns that act as hubs. Originally titled Mabinogi Heroes, Vindictus is developed by the same studio and..


Vindictus: Female Mage Evie Insight

Vindictus. Currently, advanced Fire Arrows havent been released yet, the Level A is the best.vindictus gold, Evie is considered as a strong DPS dealer.


We Just Played Vindictus

Vindictus, such as the games open beta status and new cash-op--the in-game store that lets you trade real money for in-game items. The cash-op lets you primarily purchase only two types of items: conv..


Blood Lord coing to Vindictus

Vindictus next major update will launch January 19th, and feature the terrible Blood Lord.vindictus gold), and winners will be able to craft the Nightmare set of armor. New items will also be launched..


Vindictus Releases "Unveiling The Truth" Update

Vindictus, the award-winning physics-based action MMORPG. Today, mercenaries find out the true motive behind the rebellion at Ortel castle and come face to face with unimaginable threats. The content ..