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Blood Lord coing to Vindictus

Vindictus’ next major update will launch January 19th, and feature the terrible Blood Lord.

The Blood Lord is a new raid boss, available in the mission “Shadowed by Darkness.” Players must be at least level 45 to battle him(vindictus gold), and winners will be able to craft the Nightmare set of armor. New items will also be launched in the cash shop during the update.

In his latest entry into the MMORPG.com Staff Blog, Bill Murphy talks about his experiences in the Vindictus Early Access beta. While Bill has played much of the game (so far) alone, there was a point in time where being in a group was necessary. Find out what Bill thought of the 'forced grouping' situation into which he was put. Let us know your thoughts on the forums.You can buy vindictus gold.

At this point you’ll be tasked with the mission “A Decisive Battle”. There’s a main town hub in Vindictus where all players congregate, advance the story in, sell, craft, check mail, etc. But in order to see action, you’ll go to the docks, select a specific mission or “battle” and launch a ship to travel there. You can also see other players’ ships preparing to launch, and join their party if there’s room available. And for “A Decisive Battle”, (cheap vindictus gold)unless you’re higher level or playing as Fiona, you might want to do just that.

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