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4Story Hints and Tips

Hello dear players , welcome to MMORPG !

Here are some tips for 4Story , hope helpful for you ...

1. Buy one or two extra bags for more inventory space at the merchant. They become very useful later on and they're not ridiculously expensive. ( cheap 4 story gold with 10% bonus )

2. MP potions are just about useless as of now. Just sell them seeing how they take valuable space.

3. If you're an archer, always keep about 4-5 stacks of arrows or bolts with you. I've ran out at just the wrong time many time.

4. Any ranged class needs to know how to do Kite efficiently. Except maybe the archer or summoner.

Start with your best spike damage skill and just keep nailing the mob. Switch to normal attack by using 'F' or the number corresponding to it. You then can either walk backwards and attack or strafe from side to side. If you strafe, make sure you make an effort to face your target while you're doing donuts around them.

5. In the later levels, repair every chance you get.

 Thank you for reading and have a good time in world of 4 story gold !


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