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4Story PvP Stategy

Following is something useful in 4story,hope it can help you more or less:


Another thing is when certain classes use their protection skill, such as the priest's Divine Blessings skill in 4Story, your main focus will be to stun them in some way, to prevent being killed while they are invincible. In the event they are not already targeted, you will need to get close enough to use Frozen Land, and in that case, it would be suggested that you also cast Land of Cold and  4 story gold, keeping Flame of Hell on standby until they are no longer invincible.

Hopefully there are useful things to wizards in the section. We find PvP to be pretty much the same for us, no matter who we face. And we know there are not really many useful low-level(4story gold) tips and such, but, as far as PvP as a whole goes, you will probably be at least level 22 when you truely begin to experience such a thing. And yea, good luck with 4story gold  PvP.^_^


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