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4Story Titans is archer guide

4Story guide for Titans archer , if you also want to do this build you can read the following information as a reference .4 story gold both pvp and pve. this means the more dmg u can do with each indi..


4Story Guide for Fairy assassin

4Story, but make gains in Magical Attack Power and your Wisdom.4story gold), the Magic Attack Power will be useless. This might make a difference, but we would say that we dont really think you will b..


4Story PvP Stategy

4story,hope it can help you more or less:4 story gold, keeping Flame of Hell on standby until they are no longer invincible.Hopefully there are useful things to wizards in the section. We find PvP to ..


4Story Hints and Tips

MMORPG !4Story , hope helpful for you ...4 story gold with 10% bonus ) 2. MP potions are just about useless as of now. Just sell them seeing how they take valuable space.4 story gold !