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Quick AoC Fixes and Improvements on how to run the Game Better

AoC) too performance settings.Download a virus remover call Avira its free.Download a spyware remover called Ad-Ware 2008 its free as well.AOC gold. -Credit goes too Verolon on the AoC forums-I also i..


Age of Conan community interview: Ask Funcom

Age of Conan for the last few months knows, Funcom is working hard to get their MMO back on the top of everyones playlists. Launch-day bugs have been fixed and theyre focusing on more incentives to ge..


AOC:DMC Grinding

age of conan players.For those that arent familiar with it, DMC is a portion of Keshatta refered to as the Death Master Camps. The mobs here are 77-79 ish with a few different bosses.AOC goldadventure..


AOC Update Information

AOC that came from other site. Lets go see it:Secondly, updated to (v1.1). Added the Advanced Tactics section as well as tweaked (v1.0) with various adjustments, grammar and spelling fixes.Thiredly, u..


AoC One of The Fastest Selling PC Games of All Time

aoc , making Age of Conan one of the busiest MMOs in the western hemisphere. With stock flying out of several retail chains, Funcom expects the number to increase in the days to come. In addition to t..