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AOC Update Information

Hi guys, there are some updated information in AOC that came from other site. Let's go see it:

Firstly, The initial guide (v1.0) was completed and posted.
Secondly, updated to (v1.1). Added the Advanced Tactics section as well as tweaked (v1.0) with various adjustments, grammar and spelling fixes.
Thiredly, updated to (v2.0). Made several adjustments and tweaks to the entire guide in response to the recent overreach nerf. Added new feats and combos as well as a template level(aoc gold) 60 and 70 build. Added a "Gear" section under "The Basics".


At the beggining of, God created the Sword and the Shield.Playing a Guardian is a very fun and very rewarding experience. There's nothing like standing toe to toe with a group of mobs 4-5 levels higher than you and watching them chip away at your massive health pool hopelessly. We will be taking advantage of the fact that you are an unstoppable mountain of steel when wielding the sword and the shield and augmenting that with damage the best we can. To get started, lets cover the basics that you will need to know for leveling a guardian.

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