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AOC:DMC Grinding

Here we will introduce DMC Grinding for age of conan players.For those that aren't familiar with it, DMC is a portion of Keshatta refered to as the Death Master Camps. The mobs here are 77-79 ish with a few different bosses.

The key to this area is that the mobs are densely packed so it is easy to pull a lot of them at one time and they respawn really fast. This makes it a perfect area to AoE grind with a group. You can easily solo grind here as well, but the xp per hour is immensely better with a good group. If you think the article is useful to you and read it up.Hope the article can help you,i believe you will learn useful knowledge for your AOC gold  adventure.

I would like to discuss this from the Necro's point of view and hopefully other people will chime in on the proper role for the other types as well. It is truly night and day when you look at the xp per hour of a well run group where everyone is working in unison versus a not so organized group with essentially the same fire power.

First I will cover some terminology just so we have a common framework to work within. There are essentially five geographic locations of interest at the AOC gold.

CAMP0 - The lower camp (which I will call camp0 from now on) is the first camp that you come to when you ride up from the outside. It can include the mobs that are on the periphery with the horses depending on how your group wants to pull. I've never counted, but I suspect that a typical camp0 pull involves 40-70 mobs or so and there is often a boss spawned as well.
CAMP1 - Just up the hill from camp0 there are about 20 or so mobs.
CAMP2 - Just up the hill from camp1 is camp2. There are around 40 or so mobs here including a boss often.
CAMP3 - Just up the hill from camp2 is an area with somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 or 40 mobs with a boss.
TENT - When you are at camp1 it is possible to walk out onto the top of the large tent at camp0. When someone refers to the tent, they are refering to this.

Big Picture
Basically doing AOC gold consists of this:

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