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Blade and Soul Preview Classes, Locations and Combat

We don't get a lot of news about Blade and Soul very often but this preview lays out all the details for gamers who have an interest in the high profile MMORPG.

Hyung-tae Kim is bringing his design expertise to the table with one of the most highly anticipated MMORPGs for PC, Blade and Soul. The game is one of those richly detailed MMOs that bases its unique structure and character development on the experience of questing and unfolding the plot through story-related missions as opposed to the standard mob-grinding tactic that most MMORPGs employ to keep the masses entertained.

Based on the information that has been released so far, Blade and Soul could easily be one of the most original and acclaimed MMORPGs this generation if things turn out the way they’re supposed to. Find out what will make the game worth playing in this Blade Soul Gold preview.

There’s really no denying that graphics and characters play a huge part in the appeal and draw towards a demographic of gamers who enjoy cosplay and anime-style aesthetics. The same applies to Blade and Soul, which goes head-over-heels into an overly-glamorous depiction of the races and characters presented in the game. There will be four playable races including the Jin, the Gon, the Lyn and a female only race called the Jun.

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