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Blade & Soul PC Project is Canceled

NCsoft announced today that they will stop the development project of Blade and Soul on PC and that their focus will instead shift to the Smartphone version of Blade and Soul which has never been seen before until now. A trailer of Blade and Soul gameplay on the Smartphone has been revealed to the public for the first time.

This piece of sad news was just posted on NCsoft's official site. Bloodlust from the development team proves that Blade and Soul on Smartphone has thus far been well developed. The game has abundant of high quality game content.

Blade and Soul on the Smartphone will be able to connect online through 3G and Wi-Fi. NCsoft will keep the most interesting parts of the Blade and Soul PC version so that players can enjoy the game whenever and wherever they are.

Meanwhile, (Blade Soul Gold)this is the first time that NCsoft has tried a mobile game. NCsoft has to bear the pain of giving up and work at full stretch for a perfect Smartphone MMO. NCsoft hopes that players can understand their decision and promises to bring a brand new Blade and Soul.

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