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C9 Living skills: Textile crafting

C9 Online Required materials:
The advantage of Textile Technology is concentrated in relatively few materials needed.
The lowest-level fiber, low-level fiber C9 Gold and low-level leather pieces.
Lower-level leather pieces, armor strengthen pieces.

Textile is a useful skill to make armor strengthen components, textile decorative products for guild housing.

Armors made by cloth and leather:
Equipment: You can make armors C9 Gold made up of cloth, leather materials
Strengthen props: You can make various strengthen parts made up of cloth and leather materials
Guild Housing Decorations: You can make a variety of fabric orneaments to decorate the guild house.

C9 Shaman class transfer course: Shaman-Elite Shaman-choose one from the three(Illusionist, Elementalist, Taoist)

The C9 Elite Shaman can C9 Online Gold learn some strenghten skills. For example, he can strengthen the skills learned in the first class and combo skills derived from the primary skill.


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