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Action C9 Classes Details Review

Continent Of The Ninth (C9 Online) was originally a Korean MMORPG published by Hangame & developed by Studio Cloud 9. C9 was made For those guys who loves to do more things than click the enemy and spam 1,2,3,4,5...

Webzen promise to expand their commercial services to other regions...
For sure the game will be released in US

Weapon/s: They wear a huge sword (2 handed weapon)
Job: 2nd Job (They advance from Fighter)
Abilities: Great Damage from middle range cause of their sword, they can be a little slow, but if you know how to move with it, belive me, its pretty dangerous!
Special Feature: Rage Mode, Berserk have the unique ability to "transform" into rage mode, once you are in rage mode, you will loose life points per second, but you will gain a strong power. Basically Rage mode allows you to execute certain special attacks that consumes rage & it brings you some buffs (auras like + dmg, + def, etc).

Weapon/s: They wear a Shield and a Sword
Job: 2nd Job (They advance from Fighter)
Abilities: Balanced class between Damage/Defense/Speed/etc. They have great melee damage skills, one of my favorite skills of the warriors is the "lava slash" that cuts the floor and make an insane damage.
Special Features: None

Weapon/s: They wear a shield and a sword
Job: 2nd Job (They advance from Fighter)
Abilities: They are a Tank class, With lots of HP and their shield is strong as them.. They dont deal much damage... Cause they are more a defender than a damage dealer. They used to use shield attacks, as tacle the oponents with the shield, or dash with it.
Special Feature: Shield Defense increased ( i mean hp of the shield)

Weapon/s: They wear a dagger and a bow
Job: 1st job (basic job, not required advancement)
Abilities: They have a weak defense, they are more an offensive class, mostly combo class. They are fast, and incredible damage dealers.
Special Feature: None
Extra comment: Iam fanatic of Hunter class, i have tested all the Hunter "2nd jobs" so i can tell more about my experience with them.

Note: I have quit of Happy2day guild, so dont pm me to join.
Weapon/s: They wear a dagger and a bow

Job: 2nd Job (They advance from Hunter)
Abilities: This class makes C9 famous. Assasins are one of the mostly pvp oriented class, they are good for PVE too, But they based all the damage in combos. They can deal much more damage than other classes or they can not. Play as assasin is very difficult... Many shortcut,(C9 Gold) many skills to do very fast, but its an amazing experience.
Special Feature: Smoke Bomb & Teleport Smoke screen: I think those 2 skills are two of the best skills in all C9. 1 of those makes you invincible for a bit and pull in the enemy near you and explodes! & the other one makes you dissapear, after you dissapear it explodes and let you choose where to teleport by using (W,A,S,D) to choose the way.

Weapon/s: They wear a dagger and a bow
Job: 2nd Job (They advance from Hunter)
Abilities: Rangers are one of the best PVP classes, i believe that is one of the only classes that can kill easy any class. The problem of the rangers is the accuaracy, you gotta aim perfectly your target.
Special Feature: Long Range attack class. They need much critical probability to make a Huge damage & movement speed plus items to run away how fast you can when the enemy is near from you.

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