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Little Raiders earn money

tragedy skills learned helplessness ah no money to experience this afternoon is also a money
25 again complain about adding a skill to transfer Onimusha 2 gold 30 silver this I kidding
30 to I 5 gold coins and more. .
Up to 40 skills, the want me to 24 and 20 gold coins. . . . .
I am not a money machine ah
Make money personal advice is very simple to open each 2 points the first hour of service running 20 daily 50 Champions Online missions that
Silver also experienced a 2 and experience of the first round of doubles in the first round today, run cool experience once more than 3,000 Champions Online Gold. .
Up to 5 silver coins
So one down at least have a gold coin
The second chart single brush Ultimate space-time is no exception should have some money and equipment into the experience will be more money some of LJ’s equipment Nachulaimai a 50 Champions Gold copper if I have counted 24 cells are filled with a large backpack so 50X24 = 12 is a 1200 silver coin
And then count down the main line and the quests once, and close to 30 or 40 a day, 5 hours of time you brush your plans to do several tasks?
This is the third businessman did not see it then how much to play the second test I was still six epic NPC 3 basic warehouse Champions Gold stood still in the yellow Sell .

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