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Champions Online: Free for All

Champions Online, now dubbed Champions Online: Free for All. They must have heard me talking about the game, since this was one of those Pay-to-Plays I enjoyed, but not enough to pay the subscription...


Champions Online State of the Game

Champions Online is progressing along through beta as Cryptic Studios prepares to release the game later this fall, and Bill Roper wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the latest developments in th..


The Chronicles of Cyber Shock

Champions Online Gold.Champions Gold).


Little Raiders earn money

25 again complain about adding a skill to transfer Onimusha 2 gold 30 silver this I kidding 30 to I 5 gold coins and more. . Up to 40 skills, the want me to 24 and 20 gold coins. . . . . I am not a mo..


Champions of the World? - A Look at Champs Free to Play Side 1

Champions Online Gold. Having never tried the game before, and with covering DC Universe Online for the last month or so, I figured it would be a good idea to try Champs for comparison. And since Cryp..


The Cryptic Studios Saga Continues: Perfect World's Acquisition

Champions Online and Star Trek Online. Yesterday, Perfect World shook up the MMO industry with its announcement that it would be acquiring Cryptic Studios!